How long will my order take to arrive?

All items in the Shop page are shipped within 2-5 working days depending on the quantity and current stock on hand.

Do you offer bulk discount?

Yes we do. We offer quantity brackets as follows 0-3, 4-9, 10-49, 50+. Please send us an email for pricing at sales@quickprinttees.co.nz or you can visit our Bulk Discount Enquiry page to fill in here.

How much is the shipping cost?

Once you have items in the Shopping Cart, scroll down and select your region and postal code for an accurate shipping cost. More information on Shipping here.

Do you do Returns?

Yes we do but you must send the items to us within 7 business days at its original state. Please check out our Returns policy here.


Can you print more than 4 colours?

We certainly can. Our printer can produce over 100,000 colours including white.

What resolution do I set my images/photographs to?

We recommend to set your resolution to 300dpi. If you want us to print in a small area you may get away with printing from 150dpi but the outcome will not be as sharp.

What is colour matching like on DTG prints?

DTG can produce over 100,000 colours. Reproducing photographs, intricate full colour designs and illustrations are possible with DTG printing. Although the DTG printer cannot match pantone PMS colours, we have DTG colour swatches available so we can match as close as possible to the intended colour.

What is the difference between printing on light and dark garments?

The difference is that when you choose a dark garment we spray a pretreatment liquid on first, apply heat press, then add the option of printing a white ink base under the top colour. This is done so that the top colour is more visible and vibrant. On a light garment we do not need to apply the pretreatment as the base colour, which is the garment colour is light enough for the top colour to show. Cost is also a factor. Dark garments cost more to print due to the applied pretreatment and white ink base.

What is your maximum printable area?

Our maximum printable area is width 35.56cm x height 39cm (printed in one pass but we can print on certain areas of the garment. Please visit our Custom Printing page here.

Can you print over zippers, seams and pockets?

Yes we can. If you are supplying your own garment we would need to inspect it first.

What do I do once I receive my newly printed garments? Washing option?

We recommend you wash your printed garment before use. It is important whenever you wash the garment to turn it inside out and wash in cold water with a not so strong detergent. The initial wash should get rid of any visible pretreatment marks on the garment especially on dark garments. Also iron inside out, not on the printed side.

Can I supply my own garments for printing?

Yes you can, however we will need to find out what the garment is made out of ie. fabric type and weave. We will also need to do a print test. Our garments are from AS Colour and 90% of their range are printable.

What type of garments or fabrics I cannot print on?

Garments that have wide weave patterns, holes, or non flat surfaces are not recommended for printing. Fabrics that have low cotton content and 100% polyesters can cause printing problems, however we can print on 100% cotton canvas ie. Our carrie canvas bag.

What artwork formats do you accept?
Vector/Raster/Photograph Type: png, jpg, ai, eps and high resolution pdf.

Resolution: 300dpi. Please click on Artwork Guidelines for more information.

Can I cancel my order?
We cannot cancel your order once we have received a confirmation from you.
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